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Fortune teller | Chirologist | Tarologist
  • Skills :
    Hand Reading | Tarot | Cards
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    Platter Spring Street nº5 (Dead end street) Neighborhood Castelhana, São João da Talha Postal code: 2695-559

About me

Chirologist and Fortune Teller.
I see your future through the lines of hands and cards.

Author of the book “Lines of the Hands of Famous”. In several bookstores and stores in the country.

Fascinated by the spiritual side of life and with a gift to help other people, I launched a challenge to my most famous and interesting clients, among them (Sofia Aparício, Manuel Luís Goucha, Merche Romero, Marina Mota, Toy, Fernando Alvim and the Dr. Fernando Póvoas, among others): reveal in this book the secrets of the palms of your hands.
Known as the famous palmist, I have a constant presence in television programs, namely in You on TV (TVI), in 5 For Midnight (RTP2), in SIC Radical (Short Circuit) in programs presented by Herman José, in Radio City, among others.

A successful life

Launch of my Book

The launch was a success. With the support of my family and friends, everything went as planned. I am very grateful to everyone who participated in the organization and dissemination.
The launch was attended by several personalities, who were delighted with the book and its content, which is very revealing.
I just have to thank everyone for their presence and prestige.

Very grateful!

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Participations on TV

My career is so consolidated that several invitations and requests were requested, and I immediately accepted them all, because that way I could expand my knowledge and share it with the general population, who were surprised by the clarity, punctuality and confirmation of my words and revelations.

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Palm reading


Cartomancy is the art of divination through letters. Its origin is somewhat uncertain, there are three possible nations that may have started this practice: China, Egypt and France. In the three places there are legends of how this oracle came about, but none of them has evidence to prove the truth of the fact.

Despite the uncertainty of origin, Cartomancy is one of the oldest divination methods. He uses any type of chart to predict the future. That's because, this oracle will have its interpretation due to the questions you ask and the energy you send. Thus, they help to make the right decisions.

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