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What is Tarot Game? - Know what Tarot means

The Tarot game is an esoteric instrument of knowledge, composed of a deck of 78 cards (22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana). By reading the games of these cards, it is possible to make a series of inferences about the past, present and future.

Many times, we go through difficult times in our lives and, to face them, we need to make important decisions. Many of them are so serious that they can strongly impact our destiny and, given that, we don't know what to do. At other times, we do not know how to deal with loving feelings, for example, due to uncertainty about whether or not we are being returned, and we need guidance.

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For both situations, the game of Tarot it is quite useful. However, even with centuries of existence, many people still do not really know what it is and how it works. If that is also your question, find out today in this article!

Tarot History

Through various adaptations and after much analysis, each tarot card. However, it is not known exactly when and how the study of Tarot, but according to the researcher on the subject, Michael Dummet, it is concluded that he was born in northern Italy (during the 15th century) and was later introduced to the South of France, where he gained his strength and repercussion.

Due to the date of its creation, we noticed in the art of its cards the presence of the medieval trend, which is also very similar to the stained glass windows of the Catholic Churches.

What is the Tarot for?

The Tarot it is widely used as a form of guidance for those who seek answers about their lives. Anyone who believes that Tarot cards details precisely details of your life. This kind of prediction is not the purpose of the card game.

Tarot Benefits

  • Tarologists have a mission to help people find happiness and balance in their lives
  • Everything we do is always looking for well-being in the tarot consultation
  • Ease and efficiency when playing tarot cards
  • Totally confidential and secure Tarot consultation
  • It provides guidance and answers to your daily questions or doubts that you have brought for some time
  • Provides greater self-knowledge
  • Brings predictions and trends to your life

Thus, the Tarot proves to be an important source of knowledge of the world and of itself, whenever it is worked seriously by the one who is reading the cards.

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