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Learn More About Hand Reading

The palmistry or hand reading, is a divinatory art that arouses a lot of curiosity in most people, because through hand lines, you can analyze and reveal anything about someone’s past, present and future.

Although we can easily find guides on the Internet how to read hands, analysis is not as simple as just knowing what each main line represents. A specialized oraculist will be able to notice in your hand deep secrets, some that you might even be unaware of as they come from previous lives, so it’s necessary for someone spiritualized to read your Palm in case you want to know with precision and details on several subjects.

Below are some principles of how to read the hand and its main divisions and characteristics.

The difference in hands

The hands have different representativeness and functions in the analysis, read hand on the right, for example, you will find information about your future and on the left hand details about your essence and your way of life.

When read hand, we can also notice the representativeness of the elements in the main characteristics of each person, the physical form and the traits are the main elements to carry out the hand reading.

The elements

Water type hand

They are deeply romantic and fragile, sensitive people.

Fire type hand

Those who have hands of fire, cannot stand the monotony and routine and need “new airs” to fully enjoy life.

Air type hand

They are more rational people, and have logical answers in all their decisions.

Earth type hand

Those with hands on the ground are people with “feet on the ground” who seek security, comfort and peace in their lives. They are very focused and determined.

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Know the lines of the hands

  • Life line
  • Destination line
  • Head line
  • Heart line
  • Apollo / Sol Line

1 - Life line: this line contains information about the future and personality traits of people. However, it is not possible to measure how long a person will live with this line, its size has no connection with life span;

2 - Destination line: this line summarizes everything that the others will point out, reinforcing some characteristic, or point. Through it we analyze the power to act and face that person has in his life;

3 - Head line: this is the representation of our reasoning power, our intellect. Therefore, from it we also obtain information about behavior in society and about our principles and values;

4 - Heart line: in this line we find our emotional part, our sentimental characteristics. This is where we find the answers about our love affairs.

5 - Apollo / Sol Line: Apolo's line is not very easy to find, it is more present in the hands of accomplished people, successfully in any area of life. Therefore, it concerns the inner satisfaction of each one of us.

The influence of fingers on reading

The shapes of the fingers also say a lot about us in a hand reading, and they may have the following characteristics:

Little finger: this finger is connected with the planet Mercury, and it indicates the way you relate to others;

Ring finger: his association is with Apollo, and he represents how the person is emotionally;

Middle finger: on this finger is his personality, he is associated with the planet Saturn;

Index finger: Jupiter is responsible for the energies that represent this finger, it is related to pride and ambitions;

Thumb: on the thumb we identify the strength of each person's personality and their amount of energy in life.

The Hills

Mount of Mars (both sides) - indicates your strength in life, both for actions and physical strength and signs of aggression;

Mount Venus - points out the characteristics of vitality, physical and sexual health;

Mount Jupiter - indicates the level of self-confidence;

Mount Saturn - shows how lonely, studious or relaxed and uninhibited the person is;

Monte Sol / Apolo: shows the level of interest in life, luck and optimism;

Mount Mercury: indicates humor and ease of expression.

There are also several other minor signs that indicate different points for those who read the hands, so the greater the experience and spirituality to capture the details of the strokes, the more assertive the conclusion will be.

Hand reading is an Oracle of self-knowledge and seeks answers in a detailed and precise manner, as it analyzes the personal characteristics of each one, taking into account each individual evidence expressed in its form.

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