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What is Tarot and what is Tarot? After all, is there a difference between the two?

Composed of 78 cards divided into two groups: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, this classic deck of cards is a great psychic tool to unveil future events, in addition to providing self-knowledge.
The Marseille Tarot is one of the most traditional in the history of this oracle. It got its name because it was spread in the French city of Marseille, in the 17th century.

Their images are simple and intense, being able to reveal the most hidden secrets. However, in the old representations of this deck, the cards of the minor arcana were not illustrated in a suggestive manner, which made interpretation difficult.

Why should I consult with the Marseille Tarot?

This powerful oracle is a psychic tool that allows the querent to analyze, meditate and reflect on his past, present and future through its symbolic language, providing self-knowledge.

This is because their figures are real keys to deciphering our most hidden truths, in addition to predicting events to come.

Discover the characteristics of some Marseille Tarot cards

The crazy

This Major Arcanum is not numbered, as is the wild card in the conventional deck. When he goes out on a reading he always brings a message of joy and lightness to life.

From the Astrological point of view, this card is governed by Air, which indicates that it is time to take risks and make new choices.

The magician

His figure represents an artist and illusionist, a very common character at that time.

It represents transformations, creativity, confidence, quick intelligence, diplomacy and the ability to convince.

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