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What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is the art of divination through letters. Its origin is somewhat uncertain, there are three possible nations that may have started this practice: China, Egypt and France. In the three places there are legends of how this oracle came about, but none of them has evidence to prove the truth of the fact.

Despite the uncertainty of origin, Cartomancy is one of the oldest divination methods. He uses any type of chart to predict the future. That's because, this oracle will have its interpretation due to the questions you ask and the energy you send. Thus, they help to make the right decisions.

Why consult Cartomancy?

Consulting with Zila can help you solve future problems. That's because the basis of the consultation is your own energy. That way, she will be able to know a side of you that sometimes you don't even know. She will also be able to guide you to the best choices you should make. That way, you can be more confident in the decisions you make in the future.

How does the Cartomancy consultation work?

It is possible to contact Zila online through two different channels: in person and by phone. The best options are telephone, as it is easier to concentrate and transmit energy. After contacting Zila, she will choose the game cards that will answer your questions.

Each of the letters has a meaning, and according to your question it will be easier to interpret the situations that are occurring in your life. However, for this it is necessary to ask direct and objective questions. This is necessary for Zila to serve as a spiritual guide and help you to help and plan for the future in a more favorable way for you.

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