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What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is the art of divination through letters. Its origin is somewhat uncertain, there are three possible nations that may have started this practice: China, Egypt and France. In the three places there are legends of how this oracle came about, but none of them has evidence to prove the truth of the fact.

Despite the uncertainty of origin, Cartomancy is one of the oldest divination methods. He uses any type of chart to predict the future. That's because, this oracle will have its interpretation due to the questions you ask and the energy you send. Thus, they help to make the right decisions.

Cartomancy consultation tips

  • Be calm, let go of anxiety and nervousness
  • Choose a quiet environment where there are no interruptions
  • Keep in mind what you will ask (write it down somewhere so you don't forget)
  • Bring short, straightforward questions so that Zila answers exactly what you want to know
  • If you're a little confused, just ask Zila to do a general reading so she can clarify where your biggest doubts are

How will the Cartomancy consultation help you?

My assistance in Cartomancy can be useful in several aspects. Therefore, I separate 5 points in which a prediction about the future can improve in your life:

  • Self knowledge - During the consultation, Cartomancy will reveal several details of you. The characteristics that you refuse to accept or try to hide will be explored during the procedure. I will interpret your way and show you the best ways to deal with and react with the things to come.
  • Helping others - When you have access to what is going to happen, you can help the people around you. It is common to worry about the future of family and friends. So, knowing a little more about the future, you can be a great advisor for them and give some alerts and tips for them to overcome their challenges.
  • Improve your love relationship - This consultation can improve your love relationship, because you will know which points will have problems. In this way, you will be able to analyze the complications and settle all this with greater caution and without fights, strengthening your relationship.
  • Planning and preparing for the future - It is normal to set new goals with the end of the year approaching. However, having prior knowledge about 2019, it is easier to see which paths are favorable. Thus, you will be able to choose much safer paths to trace and you are still preparing to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that will appear in front of you.
  • Realization of your dreams - After a consultation to know your future, the best part is to have information about your dreams. The accomplishment of it is very important for you, and with this help you will be able to have orientations and will be able to plan everything in the best way to conquer it.

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